Uptake of cervical screening health and social care essay

The course will run over 6 months starting with 3 study days followed by supervised practice with a named mentor.

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Sociological factors affecting use of cervical screening tests. Ogun G, Bejide R. They describe the progress of individuals through healthcare processes or systems, affecting their characteristics and outcomes over unrestricted time periods.

Ethics approval was first applied for on 31st March after an initial literature search was conducted to confirm that there were no existing systematic reviews on the topic.

It is less clear whether specific effort should be directed at males as the differences in uptake are not large and appear to be less consistent in different regions of the United Kingdom.

On the whole, tests that are simpler and which minimise factors such as cost, inconvenience and distaste e. Int J Health Educ. The final list of papers identified was then examined in full text, for the data extraction process. Strategies to improve uptake typically produce only incremental increases.

Cross refmedline order via infortrieve web of science retrieved There is a strong programme of research into cancer screening uptake in the United Kingdom, and new evidence is emerging; in this British Journal of Cancer supplement von Wagner et al a describe socio-economic patterns of uptake for FOBT screening in London.

The screening tools available include Screening programs can reduce cancer risk among those who do not receive the vaccine, those infected by non-vaccine targeted HPV types, and those who demonstrate reduced vaccine efficacy, providing insurance at the population level, given the uncertainties surrounding vaccine performance.

Continuing Professional Development for Health and Social Care Practitioners

Read more about this data and our research about access to screening. This course equips the nurse with the requisite knowledge and skills to carry out cervical cytology screening competently.

Understanding the uptake of cervical cancer screening: the contribution of the health belief model.

An estimate of the true rate of response. An alternative to this is to cite the cost—effectiveness of an intervention that has previously been implemented in the country under study and to utilize the same as a benchmark for acceptable cost—effectiveness.

Addressing inequalities in uptake must remain a priority for screening programmes. With the costs of healthcare increasing worldwide, there is advancing pressure to ration and efficiently use limited resources.

The United Kingdom has, over recent decades, taken an organised, population-wide approach to screening; although the exact contribution of cancer screening to an observed reduction in mortality in the population can be difficult to quantify, modelling exercises suggest that cancer screening activity over recent decades has made a significant difference Blanks et al, ; Raffle et al, ; Taylor et al, ; van der Aa et al, Order from our resource centre free of charge Want tips on increasing cervical screening uptake?

Cervical cancer in Nigera still a Dismal story. Reasons for non-attendance for computer-managed cervical screening: J Am Geriatr Soc. The influence of sexual attitudes on genital human papilloma virus infection.

We should, however, be cautious about attempting more intense recruitment strategies across different regions of the United Kingdom — again, there is no one strategy with proven benefit in different contexts.

Theory will be assessed by completion of a word reflective essay Competence in smear taking is assessed in practice over the 6 months following the taught days and completion of evidence within a practice portfolio Credit: Survey of cervical cytology in general practice.

Factors influencing the uptake of screening services and cervical cancer in Taiwan. Subsequent to literature identification and screening, the data extraction was conducted by filling in an excel sheet with pre-determined fields which included: However, organised recruitment strategies the approach typically taken in the United Kingdom, which involves systematic recruitment and follow-up, the provision of scheduled appointments for screeningand personalised invitation approaches for example, from a general practitioner seem to show consistent benefits over opportunistic approaches to screening.

Uptake in cancer screening programmes: a priority in cancer control

J Health Soc Behav. Lack of knowledge about the cause of cervical cancer and who can be affected seems to be contributing to older women aged 50—64 not attending cervical screening.

However, mortality reductions are brought about by many contributory factors and therefore combined approaches that include earlier presentation, more timely diagnosis and improved treatments are considered to hold the greatest promise of improved cancer outcomes Department of Health NHS Cancer Plan, If the time horizon of the model is over one year, discounting 34 is usually applied to generate the present values of expected costs and outcomes.

Journal of Research in Nursing and Midwifery. The latter, however, is an approach used mainly in High income countries Attendance at a breast screening clinic: With regular cervical cancer screening and appropriate follow-up, most cervical cancer precursors can be identified and treated, interrupting progression to the severe disease stage.

The advent of HPV vaccination introduces a new dynamic into cervical screening uptake, and this will require further refinement of messages promoting uptake of screening over the next several years.Department of Public Health Social Work Programme Babcock University Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State.

uptake of cervical cancer screening. knowledge, attitude and practices (KAP) of primary health care workers on cervical cancer and its screening in Ikenne Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria, in order to improve the provision of these.

To increase the competence level and skill of community health care staff to perform cervical screening (collection of cervical smears). To ensure active participation of all 10 community health centers in Lagos state, in the cervical screening program.

Dec 03,  · It is timely, in this BJC issue, to examine the main predictors of uptake for the United Kingdom's three established cancer screening programmes (breast, cervical and colorectal screening), along with the evidence supporting strategies to improve uptake in each of these programmes.

Barriers to attending screening the difficulties and challenges women from marginalised groups in our society face when it comes to all aspects of health care including cervical screening. ' Screening and Immunisations Team, Health and Social Care Information Centre, Cervical Screening Programme: England, Statistics for Key words: Cervical screening n Cervical cancer n Health promotion n Human papillomavirus C ervical cancer (Figure 1) is one type of cancer can be used to increase cervical screening uptake.

Barriers to attending screening

The success of a cervical screening programme depends on the degree of coverage and the attendance rates (Chang et al, ), and different recruitment.

The health belief model is used here to review the literature that has advanced our understanding of the factors affecting uptake of cervical screening.

The influence of age and social class on perceptions of vulnerability, and the costs and benefits of screening are highlighted.

Uptake of cervical screening health and social care essay
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