Truancy in secondary school

To him, students truant act lead to stealing, fighting, drug addictions, destruction of property, sex scandal and armed robbery. The government estimates truancy rates for the whole academic year will be 5. Positive incentives such as participation in publicly funded activities and cash awards to be given to any parent who plays positive role in truancy reduction among students.

Truancy is a great danger in a discipline school possibly the whole students in the school to delinquent. He plans how to destroy, how to get rich quick and becomes a millionaire.

Communicate with schools and parents Do not criminalize truancy Intervene immediately when youth under the age of 12 are truant Work with schools to promote re-engagement of truant youth Truancy in secondary school Should Police Be Concerned with Truancy?

The schools in Ikpoba Okha are divided it names from the clan of origin in the early state, the population of the school were few but now they are vast.

As regards the above causes of indiscipline, parents are required to speak seriously to their wards on the effects of indiscipline especially truancy and lateness. Is Truancy a Crime? In the words of Ehimmorahe stressed that truancy is an age-old aspect of indiscipline which brings the school authority into disrepute and in addition ,the unofficial coming and going of children at others times other than normal school day, naturally brings about indiscipline and interrupts normal school routine.

Boys are only slightly more likely than girls to be sent to court for truancy. Poor home upbringing may manifest itself at school in the form of truancy. What are the effects of truancy in the life of t he students in secondary schools c. To crown it all, government should help the police department and court system to establish and run temporary detention centres where they can drop-off school truants.

What are the factors responsible for truancy in secondary school students? Some of the truants students will go with their fellow students to indulge in watch video in their own resident. Uninteresting lesson of the teacher c. Most parents having kept the children at home in good faith will not think it necessary to inform the school authority.

The police are not involved in truancy control but the teachers of the school monitor the school area and sometimes the nearby areas during recess to avoid unauthorized absence. With these suggestions, truancy among secondary school students and even those in primary and tertiary institution will be reduced if not eradicated.

How to Understand Truancy

The general secretary of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers, Chris Keates, said while the number of persistent absentees in secondary schools still appears high, as a proportion of the overall number of pupils it is very small, indicating that a significant proportion of the total absence overall is down to a hardcore of pupils.

If the evil in our school and other similar sources, the students will have the assess to perform well in school activities. He also writes that; if a child has no exercise book, pen and reading books, he would not like to be punished by the teacher and as such he runs away from the school.In some schools, truancy may result in not being able to graduate or to receive credit for classes attended, until the time lost to truancy is made up through a combination of detention, fines, or summer school.


Truancy Among Secondary School Students In Ebonyi South Education Zone

TRUANCY AMONG SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS IN EBONYI SOUTH EDUCATION ZONE. The School is a social unit established by members of the society as a formal agency of education in which the young (students).

Understand Truancy What is Truancy? An unexcused absence from school; In many states, youth missing more than 10 days of school are required to repeat the entire school year.

Truancy is a major problem nationwide, yet states do little to prevent it and little to re-engage truant youth. Truancy Among Public Secondary School Students. Implications For Counselling Ehindero Serifat Adefunke Department of Educational Foundations and Counselling.


ABSTRACT. The purpose of this project is to deal with the problem of truancy with particular reference to influence of peer group, inadequate school materials, poor.

1 truancy among secondary school students: an impediment to functional education for values, knowledge, skills and national development by d. i. maduabuchi.

Truancy in secondary school
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