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Some of the legislations that are applied to Queensland are: Legislation in care settings are set to make sure they help maintain the rights of service users. Such a situation could be very difficult, so they become subjective rather than objective.

If working with a service user for a long period of time, an emotional attach may form. Balancing these two perspectives could at times be very difficult.

However, in a situation like this the staff at the home must allocate their time on the basis of need. Service users have a responsibility towards those who are offering the service. For example in Queensland if one service user would want to have a knee operation due to a illness, and five other service users would want new beds for themselves, the care worker has to decide which of the problems are more important, which obviously is knee operation.

They may wish to care for the service user entirely on their own being very critical on any other care worker who is trying to carry out their role.

All health, social and early years setting have legislation set to their settings have to work within the boundaries for legislation, both in a relation to staff and to service user. Care workers are encouraged to be as objective as possible when working with service users and not to be become emotionally attached.

Care workers can do to by making sure: However, several of the residents in the home suffer from incontinence and have awoken in wet beds, and the carers are seeing to them first, and as the home is short staffed it may be a while until they get to Mr Smith.

Similarly tensions can arise if for example Mark wants dinner a little early then the rest of the service users, is will be very difficult as the cooks have to come in early for just Mark, this kind of rights can be ignored and the care workers have a responsibility to make him understand that the cooks cannot come in early for just him.

For example Mary lives Queensland, she is very old, and she has a mobility problem and she wants to walk around Queensland after she has ate, however no one is available to accompany her because the home is short staffed, tensions have arisen.

All service users in Queensland have a right to be treated equally, along with their right it is care workers responsibility to provide equal care for the service users.

Each service user will have specific needs. This is why organisations must set priorities for the allocation of resources, by weighing out the costs and benefits of doing one thing, versus another, resource. The needs of one patient may have to be prioritised over another as their operation is more urgent and there only time in the theatre to carry out one operations of a particular day, the less important operation would have to wait until a later date.

It would not be acceptable for a care woke to break the role boundaries by: Situations such as this cause ethical dilemmas and show that it is not always possible to fully satisfy the rights of every service user.Workbook Role of the Health and Social Care Worker Essay; Workbook Role of the Health and Social Care Worker Essay.

Communication Interpersonal skills Verbal language and examples Non verbal language examples Service user Care provider This report will cover the role and importance of effective.

Promoting The Rights And Responsibilities Of Service Users In Care Settings - Assignment Example

All care workers involved with a service user must be aware of what care is needed for that person and know and understand in order to co-ordinate care efficiently. The foundation of the Welsh Government's Social Services and Social Care work is the 10 year strategy Fulfilled Lives, Supportive Communities.

so no two social workers work with identical service users because they just do not exist. Social Work Essay Writing Service Essays More Social Work Essays. Essays; Social Work. It is the duty of the care workers to provide active support to enable patients and service users to communicate their needs, views and preferences.

Essay on Communication and Service Users Nonverbal Communication and Service User Essay.

Free Essay: Social Worker If a social worker has had first aid training, it would contribute to providing a positive experience for users of social care.

These factors will provide a deep impact on the achievement of promoting and maximizing the rights of users of health and social care service.

How communication between care workers and the individuals contribute to promoting and maximizing the rights of the users of health and social care service Rosenbaum and Rotor(), explained.

Service users care workers essay
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