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The protected contact management system for elephants means that there will now be a physical safety barrier between the keepers and the elephants. Wildlife Reserves Singapore This change to the elephant presentation is the latest in a series of steps that Wildlife Reserves Singapore has been taking to move its elephants towards the protected contact system.

Unlike previous shows where keepers appeared alongside the elephants during the presentation, keepers will now play a supporting role from outside the exhibit. Two-year-old Neha, the youngest female in Night Safari, has also been conditioned under protected contact to allow vets and keepers easier access for medical procedures.

Revamped Elephant Presentation Image: The new elephant presentation at Singapore will take place twice a day at Additional feeding times take place at 9.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore The revamped show will feature various enrichment options that elephants can voluntarily participate in.

To make the show more interactive, a new volunteer segment has been included, where a lucky visitor will get to enjoy a close encounter with one of the modern day mammoths. Since Januarychanges, such as the cessation of elephant rides and allowing the pachyderms to free-range in their exhibit and stables at night, have been gradually implemented.

It is also in line with WRS evolving the care of her elephants towards the protected contact elephant management system. New Elephant Presentation at Singapore Zoo: Among the modern zoo community, this method is currently deemed to be the safest way to manage elephants while ensuring proper animal care and welfare.

A new volunteer segment will be incorporated into the show, allowing a chosen visitor to have a close encounter with the elephants. The complete implementation of the protected contact system will take another three to five years as it will involve major redesign and construction of the elephant exhibits and back-of-house facilities.

Singapore Zoo and sister park Night Safari will be among the first zoological institutions in Asia to implement the protected contact management system for all their elephants. Additional feeding times will be held at 9.

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You may like these post: The animals will be encouraged to display their natural behaviours such as lying down in the water or using a log to reach their favourite fruit. In the reimagined show, the elephants are given free rein to show off their range of natural behaviours and personalities.

Ah Meng passed away this morning Protected contact management means there will always be a physical safety barrier between the keepers and the elephants, which allows caretakers to continue providing quality care for the elephants while ensuring a greater level of safety for both elephants and humans.

The revised show features various enrichment options which allow the elephants to voluntarily participate—which means they get to decide when and what they would like to do.

The idea is that elephants are amazing, engaging and interesting to watch just by being themselves.Singapore Zoo: The Singapore Zoo, Located at 80 Mandai Lake Road, is also known as Mandai Zoo or Singapore Zoological Garden.

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My life on Isle Royale with the wolves, moose, Tourist Spot at Singapore Zoo - SinceSingapore Zoo has been known for having among the most beautiful wildlife park settings in the world, The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "At the zoo" is the property of its rightful owner.

Sep 22,  · From 22 Septembervisitors can look forward to a reimagined elephant presentation at the Singapore ultimedescente.comed in conjunction with Elephant Appreciation Day, the new show is in line with Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s shift towards protected contact management for.

1 for 1 buffet lunch at Royale, Mercure... - Royale

Royale: Dining at Royale Restaurant, Mercure Hotel, Bugis - See 26 traveler reviews, 11 candid photos, and great deals for Singapore, Singapore, at TripAdvisor.

Royale business presentation singapore zoo
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