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An example that is often given is that one would not expect to see an intricate watch or a masterpiece painting and respond that it must have miraculously appeared out of nowhere.

In this argument, he attempts to attack it as simply an argument from the existence of the universe as we know it, and not the universe as existing from something.

If he were perfect, then the world would be perfect. The probability of that is nil to none. As the text by Evans shows, the non-temporal form of the cosmological argument allows that with no end and no beginning, the cause of the universe is necessary by the very fact of its being.

On Being a Theist

It merely points out that an intelligent designer is the best explanation for the examples of design in the universe. When looking at the precise placing of the galaxies, the structure of the human body and how everything functions together in precise rhythm, the way nature takes care of the environment for animals that were created just for certain climates and habitability; one can see the order, those things in nature that always act in the same way.

However, Evans arms us with a strong response to this view, and one that reiterates the value of casting theological constructs in compatibility with perspectives often erroneously viewed as incompatible.

To those that accept the conclusion of the cosmological argument, would have to adopt the attitude of getting to know more about God for themselves.

In essence, there is no explanation for the existence of a contingent being, unless a necessary being exists. A necessary being is the only being that exist which requires no further explanation. As Evans points out, "even if it is successful, the cosmological argument hardly constitutes more than an entering wedge into the knowledge of God.

However, upon further examination, the first cause argument passes the test of logicality. This allows us to note that the existence of an evolutionary process and intelligent design are not inherently counter-intuitive. It is a natural response to attribute evidences of design to the workings of a designer.

In other words, the religious individual is incapable of reconciling the idea that the reasons for the existence of the universe may simply be beyond human comprehension. There are many examples of design that merit a designer.

He goes on to say that there is no proof that the universe has evidence or indisputable examples of design and purpose. This may not prove the existence of God, but may pose a question of which metaphysical view is more plausible.

This is so primarily because God himself would then be an uncaused cause, an entity without apparent beginning or explanation absent the development of a similar cosmological mythology as he argues accounts for the existence of a creator. The existence of evil in a moral universe, the persistence of pain in a world created by a just God and the constancy of suffering under the auspices of intelligence design all justify questioning.

If the existence then is not necessary, then it makes it incomplete unless it has a causal purpose of a necessary being. Most theists do not come to God just based on their proof or non-existence of proof thereof of God as Creator. Such a person should show an alert sensitivity about how he may obtain additional knowledge of God.

However, the most convincing example is the human being. McCloskey had two problems with this argument.

Because atheism was adopted by a thoughtful and sensitive person, this leads to a spirit of self-reliance, and on to a self-respect which causes one to comfort and help those who need support, and in doing so, it will reduce or moderate the blows of fate.

In essence, McCloskey is saying that it is better to help each other than to believe in a God that could not be perfect himself because the world is imperfect. Thus, though it is inconsistent with a naturalistic worldview, in order to live happily, the atheist is forced to reason that purpose and meaning in this life do exist Craig, Does this indeed negate the need for a designer?

In many ways, the teleological argument in favor of the existence of God continues to carry weight in spite of the objections raised by atheist thinkers such as McCloskey. He believes that atheism is a much more comfortable belief versus having a belief in God who allows the suffering of innocent persons so that He could get the glory out of their lives and ultimately achieve the ultimate good.

If a proposition is true because it coheres with another true proposition, this forms a basis for truth. Second, McCloskey found it even more difficult to believe that the cause of the universe would have to be omnipotent and perfect.

Response from a Theist Point of View to H.J.McCloskey's

So long as there is a possibility that God has His reasons, whatever they might be, for allowing evil, it cannot be said that evil negates His existence.On Being A Theist Essay ago notable atheist H.

J. McCloskey wrote an article titled “On Being an Atheist.” In that article, McCloskey attempts to refute some traditional arguments for the existence of God.

On Being an Atheist, by H.J. McCloskey Essay - In the article “ On Being an Atheist,” H.J. McCloskey attempts to inform his readers that the belief in atheism is a “much more comfortable belief” by effectively using a disdainful rhetoric towards theists and their faith.

Read this free Religion Essay and other term papers, research papers and book reports. Response from a Theist Point of View to ultimedescente.comkey's "on Being an Atheist".

RESPONSE FROM A THEIST POINT OF VIEW TO H.J. MCCLOSKEY'S "ON BEING AN ATHEIST" Darlene Lee Phil - D51 /5(1). By selecting the least intellectual and most naïve claims made by a Christian Theist, McCloskey has conveniently set the bar low enough for him to jump over with minimal effort.

Essay on Responding to H. J. McCloskey’s On Being an Atheist by Reed Harvey Philosophy and Contemporary Ideas Instructor: BEING DIFFERENT, BEING UNPOPULAR. Atheist A Rational Response to Atheism Atheism is a religious orientation which argues that there is empirical and irrefutable proof that God does not exist.

Essay on Theism and Atheism Words 8 Pages "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase," that's how Martin Luther King Jr.

described the process of faith during a speech he delivered in the sixties.

On being a theist essay
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