My school is my second home

Before the change, the lounges and corridors were not so colourful and beautiful. Plamena Mihaylova — 4th Grade. Second, post signs at the main entrance stating that moving furniture and using tape on painted walls causes damage. The wallpapers in each room are different because each lady chooses for her room what she thinks would be best for the class.

Custodians have spent the summer scrubbing, waxing, and repainting. Teachers should explain to custodians how they want their room arranged. We have a set time when homework must be done, but I never have to remind her.

I have seen my daughter Daniyah make so much progress with your help and support. She also likes to be my teacher and quiz me! By Dave Arnold Most of the school custodians I know take great pride in the work they do. The boys were carrying the furniture, and the girls helped me to measure and spray the wallpapers for the classrooms.

She takes her work seriously and I know that it is because of the way that you guys have taught her. The views expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the NEA or its affiliates.

Santana — and the leadership team — Ms. I thank you all for the hard work that you have been doing to ensure that no scholar is left behind.

One teacher I remember had no clue that the carton of classroom supplies she had dragged down the hallway had huge staples protruding like spikes from the bottom of the box. I can tell you as head custodian at Brownstown Elementary School in Illinois that there is no greater feeling of accomplishment for me than to walk into the school and see freshly-painted walls, sparkling floors, and pristine classrooms.

It is truly a joy for her to learn from you. When tape is placed on walls it will often pull the paint off when it is removed. If only you could bottle their energy and enthusiasm. I Just Waxed That Floor! Bucknor scienceMr. Custodians would like them also to see their school looking beautiful.

I like the inscriptions very much: Classrooms are more beautiful than ever. Walking along the corridors we can not help but notice the beautiful thoughts on the walls: He can be contacted at darnoldjanitor yahoo. Tape is another killer. An initiative was also shown by the parents of my classmate Alexander, who donated their time, materials and work to finish the lobby.

Each has its own wallpaper and a different curtain colour. She takes a vacation the week teachers return to campus just to avoid the torture of furniture scratching its way across the floor.

The School is Our Second Home

As a matter of fact, when we are on vacation, she counts down the days to re-enter those doors. They have done it for all of us to feel comfortable and happy in the breaks and to relax and unload. Thank you for having an open-door policy and for creating a welcoming environment.

I feel at ease knowing that she is safe in your care. Indicate that custodians are available to help with any questions. The other reason is students.

Moving furniture should take place only after the scrubbing is done. I was looking forward to starting the classes and getting to know my classmates. The work that you do also encourages me when we do work at home.

There are libraries in which each of us can bring a book of favourite stories. Now it is more beautiful and cozy, we go with pleasure and desire, because the school does not mean only the whiteboard and the homework.School is my second home.

A home is a place where people live with their family members, the parents and the siblings. At home, everyone is comfortable and enjoys what they deem best. Once kids get to a right age, children move to schools to get an education for their future success.

The children are separated from the comfort of home by schools. My co-workers and I have come up with some easy rules to help keep our school looking its best.

First, draw a floor plan. Teachers should explain to custodians how they want their room arranged. not allow his son to return home from boarding school, not even at Christmas his hope will never die).

School- My Second Home. - Poem by Henal Jasani

Stave III - The Second of the Three Spirits Scrooge wakes. School- My Second Home. by Henal and frightened we came in as toddlers In a huge gate that said CARMEL OF ST. JOSEPHS We got the right knowledge and guidance Not to forget the.

Page5/5. To the staff of Success Academy Bergen Beach: To have a wonderful teacher is amazing; to have two wonderful teachers is a dream come true. But to have an awesome staff is beyond anything that words could begin to describe.

My school is called “Luben Karavelov”. It is remembered forever – the first bell, the first teacher. And so far in my mind is that trembling feeling when Mommy took me to school for the first time.

I was looking forward to starting the classes and getting to .

My school is my second home
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