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They also helped create a universal impression of the East End of London as being slum land London and a hotbed of vice and villainy. So Jack the Ripper symbolised all the fears that the wealthier citizens possessed.

One of the more unpleasant tasks that many of the police officers who worked on the case later commented on, was when they were ordered to search every butchers shop Jack the ripper essay questions slaughter house in the neighborhood and interview every one of their employees.

It would seem likely that the killer had at least some rudimentary understanding of anatomy, to have been able to remove both the uterus and a kidney in near pitch-black conditions.

The Top Ten 1 Did the Ripper act alone? And the modus operandi was similar in all cases except Tabram and Stride. The Whitechapel Murders acted as a force for change in several respects.


If Hutchinson did indeed describe the ripper then it is the most detailed account we have so far, however some people say that Hutchinson himself was the ripper and was in fact But the answer is yes, the Ripper did exist.

Others contend that it was a prank pulled by a morbid medical student. He was likely soft-spoken and personable, and he drew very little attention to himself.

Jack The Ripper Essays (Examples)

Did Jack the Ripper have medical knowledge? Firstly, thanks to the newspaper reporting, inquest testimonies and activities of the philanthropists, they made the public at large more aware of the appalling social conditions in the slums of Victorian London.

When he crossed the boundary and murdered Catherine Eddowes in the City of London a psychological boundary was crossed in the minds of many of the middle and upper classes. These confessions were later retracted, but the fact remains that there are serious problems in the provenance of the document.


Why or why not? They were all estranged from their husbands and families.

He was not Jack the Ripper. This would certainly make sense if we look at the murder scene of first victim Mary Ann Nichols which is only a 5 minute walk from Whitechapel station still standing today. If you do have any questions that you wish to have answered then please get in touch via our contact page.

Most of them were between the ages of 39 and Kelly had been living at 13 Millers court an offbeat slum on the notorious Dorset Street once named the most dangerous street in London. More information is available at http: Conferences are held every year in alternate locations - U.

The generally accepted number is five, though it could be as few as three and as many as seven. Then as quickly as he had appeared Hutchinson disappeared with only rumors of his whereabouts popping up somewhere years later.Top Ten Questions About Jack the Ripper Kird86 The tale of Jack the ripper has spawned hundreds of theories and millions of suspects.

Most people know about the ‘5 canonical victims’ with the possibility of even more murdered women. We do not recommend any specific Ripper Walks (the most rewarding walk, in our opinion, is the one you do yourself with a copy of The Jack the Ripper A to Z in hand!), but the Cloak and Dagger Club have set up a useful list of many of the available companies, along with contact information.

YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED. On this page we will endeavour to answer any questions from those who are studying the Jack the Ripper murders as part of a history, criminology or psychology course. Free Jack the Ripper papers, essays, and research papers Jack the Ripper ).

A lot of the intrigue over the case lies in the fact that it is, to this day, unsolved.

Top Ten Questions About Jack the Ripper

Questions still remain over the case. What was Jack the Ripper’s real identity. - Naturalism in Jack London's "To Build a Fire" This essay has problems with format When.

Aug 30,  · In this essay, we will discuss the individuals suspected by Scotland Yard, and develop our own hypothesis by constructing a typology of Jack the Ripper that includes the killer's potential sociological background, physique, their understanding of sexuality and violence, and most importantly, psychological condition.

It will look into questions such as why has Jack the Ripper been known as the first British serial killer in history, who the main suspects and why they are the prime suspects in this case and also the least likely suspects to be Jack the Ripper. The essay will provide evidence for and against the suspects by using historiography and facts.


Jack the ripper essay questions
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