Investigating the rate of photosynthesis by

Shake 1 litre of algal culture, and leave cm3, cm3 or cm3 to settle in measuring cylinders, saving the bottom 5 cm3 each time.

He sent a telegram on December 22, to the French Academy of Sciences in Paris announcing his discovery of liquid oxygen. Other aspects of O 2 are covered in the remainder of this article. The idea that plants and animals may already be carrying out such superfast quantum operations within their own cells, however, did not seriously cross the minds of either physicists or biologists, even though cells are made up of atoms and, at a basic level, all atoms obey quantum mechanics.

Varying the light intensity is quite difficult, you need to position a lamp at different measured distances away from the pondweed tube. Their proposed experiments compare the behavior of normal DNA molecules with specially modified DNA molecules whose hydrogen atoms have been replaced with deuterium atoms also known as heavy hydrogen because the atoms have the same chemical properties as hydrogen, but double the mass.

There is scope for students to develop the protocol to investigate a range of factors. Teaching notes An assumption being made in this experiment is that the gas bubbles being counted are only oxygen, and that production of oxygen is proportional to the rate of photosynthesis.

Certain mutations may prove useful, but the environmental conditions themselves should not play a role in the rate of any particular genetic mutation: Becherand modified by the chemist Georg Ernst Stahl by[8] phlogiston theory stated that all combustible materials were made of two parts.

The leaf area of the plants should be measured so you can compensate for plant size. It is available online and from some pet shops and aquarium suppliers. You should be able to get enough results eg 5o increments from 15oC to 50oC to show maximum the maximum rate of photosynthesis expected to be around oC.

Rate of photosynthesis versus light intensity at different temperatures 2 factors Initially the graph lines are linear as the rate of photosynthesis is proportional to the light intensity see also Graph 1. Move the light 10 cm further back. Hg is the only metal element that is liquid at room temperature.

Investigating factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis

Measuring the speed of the horizontal movement of the gas bubbles is quite easy via the accurate linear scale and stopwatch. Air did not play a role in phlogiston theory, nor were any initial quantitative experiments conducted to test the idea; instead, it was based on observations of what happens when something burns, that most common objects appear to become lighter and seem to lose something in the process.

Chemical compound

Swirl the beaker gently as the drops fall. This is a non-native species that can tolerate relatively cold temperatures and low light levels. Temperature limiting Graph 4.

Research into hormonal treatments for infertility B3. Naturally, the soil and roots must NOT be in the bag as they respire. The beads can be packed into a column for example, a syringe barrel and a suitable substrate passed over the beads. Methanefor example, which is formed from the elements carbon and hydrogen in the ratio four hydrogen atoms for each carbon atom, is known to contain distinct CH4 molecules.

He wrote an account of this discovery in a manuscript titled Treatise on Air and Fire, which he sent to his publisher in But how can we measure the rates at which photosynthesis takes place?A brief outline of various ways to measure the rate of photosynthesis - including measuring photosynthesis via the uptake of carbon dioxide (e.g.

using immobilised algae), via the production of.

Effect of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Concentration on the Rate of Photosynthesis

Suggested Activity 1: Investigating the factors that can affect the rate of photosynthesis. Investigating the factors that can affect the rate of photosynthesis.

Demonstrating oxygen formation during photosynthesis can be a tricky process. One common way is to gather bubbles of gas given off by an aquatic plant.

This teaching resource introduces Cabomba, a. Class practical This procedure offers a method for measuring the rate of photosynthesis which depends directly on the rate of uptake of carbon dioxide by the photosynthetic organism.

Revision summary help for the OCR Gateway Combined Science A 1st biology exam paper - learning objectives. OCR Level 1/2 GCSE (Grade ) in. Extracts from this document Introduction.

Effect of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Concentration on the Rate of Photosynthesis Method Firstly I will attach a capillary tube to the nozzle of end of a.

Investigating the rate of photosynthesis by
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