Indian case study of od intervention

The approach, by and large, was of reactive project management and we were yet to espouse the approach of architecting proactive solutions for the customer. Platform for problem solving, focus on the Quality, Cost and Delivery measures of throughput resulting in transfer and adoption of best practices within and amongst relationships in the organization.

Intervention Case Studies

Wealth creation Vector of Technology — Technology Goals e. Towards employee satisfaction and towards ensuring sustained availability of sufficient managerial and leadership talent, the need to create succession plans at all levels and to track and reward high fliers was brought out.

Tools were administered to a group of Project Managers to identify the gaps between where the team is current state and where it should be desired state and the steps to be taken to bridge this gap.

This structure was designed to enable a fair degree of flexibility in rotating at appropriate levels, which would provide avenues for individual growth.

Spiral Dynamics posits that the evolution of human consciousness can best be represented by a dynamic, upward spiraling structure that charts our evolving thinking systems as Indian case study of od intervention arc higher and higher through levels of increasing complexity.

In a sense, there was heightened focus on Voice of the Customer, in comparison to the Voice of Employee. The organizational design at that point needed to incorporate this holism and thereby bring in, a coherent organizational identity.

As a fallout of this workshop, several representatives of senior management worked on building scenarios as for e.

Further, workflow reviews were done with the objective of deploying an on-line regular review process and system to track individual performance against stated goals.

As an answer to the above areas of concern, alignment and attunement were sought to be achieved through integrating and balancing out the four voices: Strategy comes from the market, form comes from structure; capacity from technology; and synergy from culture. Culture Building at TCS PROPEL was introduced as a revolutionary intervention with the dual objectives of facilitating the exchange of ideas and helping in immediate problem solving, while also encouraging bonding and self-development among and within teams.

Listening to the voice of the employee in a team scenario, by creating a platform for open sharing of thoughts on a relevant theme.

Employee Satisfaction Further the relevance of the corporate goal template at the relationship level was explored and the subsequent cascading to individual level Organizational to Relationship to Personal Scorecard.

This paper briefly explores an overview of OD interventions at organizational level, and focuses in particular on the case of a large relationship within the organization wherein OD has brought about a paradigm shift especially in the cultural perspective.

The idea was to challenge the conventional ways of thinking and to give shape to the key drivers of change through realistic listening and dialoguing.

Further, the factors that would facilitate the desired change and focuses that needed to be redefined were clearly laid down. Though TCS built relationships with individual customers, Relationship Managers investment on aligning to long-term objectives of customers.

The structural alignment and commensurate cultural changes thereof have been facilitated in a deliberate manner to improve the total system — the relationship and its parts in the context of the larger market environment.

The linkage with incentivesand value add drivers, was also thought through to determine the reward framework, based on published results as against goals. Change management was enabled through alignment with growth strategy; by creating platforms for dialogue on the current and emerging experience of the organization.

Goal specification frameworks, derived from the key performance parameters of the unit were chalked out. The spiral in spiral dynamics contains the blueprints of patterns for sequential development of Cultures.

In the interest of better alignment, a need was felt to re-look at a few organizational processes and systems, as for instance, the performance management and appraisal system at TCS.

It looked at redefining desirable role behaviors, and hence conveyed responsibility for movement at the collective as well as individual levels, for the team.

Od Interventions Case Study

There was a tangible tension at TCS, between generating revenues and organizing strategically, on basis of technology and business areas, impacting selectivity in projects accepted.Organizational Change and Development: A Case Study in the Indian Electricity Market January The present economic growth of India is largely an outcome of the liberalization of its economic.

Dabur India Ltd- A Case Study 3. “The test of a successful company is to further harness energies, align priorities and re-dedicate themselves for achieving even higher goals.”. Leadership Development for Organizational Change in a “New” UK University The Leadership Trust Foundation This paper reports on the findings of a case study of an Organizational Development (OD) intervention within a new university in the UK.

Previous research into the leadership of higher education has As designers of the OD. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Indian Case Study Of Od Intervention. Case Study 1 | Case Study 2 | Case Study 3 These intervention case studies will give you a clearer, deeper understanding of the Intervention process.

Though each situation is specific to the individual and no two situations are ever exactly the same, by reading through the case studies you'll gain insight into how it might go in your situation. Case Studies of OD interventions by Plummer & Associates OD Case 2 - Intervention to Improve Inter-Group Communications OD Case 4 - Conducting focus groups to obtain input for a new VP This large transportation organization transferred in a new vice president for a large.

Indian case study of od intervention
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