How to write a field report archaeology for kids

Lynne ; Updated September 29, Archaeological artifacts tell a story about ancient cultures. These can serve as a starting point for your research. After the introduction each paragraph should follow in a smooth logical sequence. Citations in the text are placed in parentheses immediately following the information you are referencing.

Do you present only positive evidence to support your hypothesis this weakens a paperor do you consider negative evidence in an attempt to challenge the hypothesis always best? List the research questions to be addressed, the plan of attack and the expected results.

Novice — Can contribute to the process of creation but is unable to complete a section without supervision. A map is useful for putting archaeological sites in context, and other images should convey information that cannot be adequately expressed in words alone.

The report must document features and artifacts uncovered through the use of remote sensing, walkover surveys, shovel testing and excavations. The paper has to start with an abstract is a paragraph of around to words length, in which you describe in brief, the work you have done in the paper.

The report must list all photographs, figures, charts, graphs and tables presented in the report with the page number where they are found. A literature review may be required. The report must list each artifact recovered from the site.

Report and Article Writing

When you use any source it is absolutely necessary to provide a full and accurate citation of it. State your conclusions clearly in the first sentence of the last paragraph.

Provide recommendations for ongoing research at the site. It would be good to discuss ideas for this with your supervisor so that you can get feedback on what are the best possible ideas from the ones you have. That is a subject, which is both broad and unspecific.

It is designed to provide archaeologists with technical advice about archaeological documentation methodologies. Are your arguments logical? Try to think like a member of a jury in a trial. For web sites include the author sdate of creation, and the complete URL address.

Before you start writing on the paper, it would be good to create an outline of how you would want your final paper to look like.

How to Write an Archaeological Report

I am nothing if not dedicated! Make note of unexpected findings while you are in the field. There are some concerns around dig cooking being affected by the strong undertow of often unconscious gender biases, i.

A good topic and an interesting hypothesis are the heart and soul of any paper. Do not plagiarize yourself. Your paper should convey your interest and engagement in the subject.

Include a title page and an abstract; double space everything; paginate the text; use headings and subheadings to divide the text; make sure that every citation in the text is in the bibliography and vice versa; use dates consistently and explain conventions e.

Your last paragraph is equally important because it summarizes your findings and convinces the reader that your conclusions are supported by the evidence.

Like report writing, a press release follows a standard format, ensure you provide enough information to allow the journalist to quickly make sense of what you are describing, ensure you provide images and links to high resolution images with captions and credits in a separate document.

Always provide sufficient detail for the reader to know where you obtained your information, and include the author, year of publication, place of publication, and specific page numbers. Every paper, in every course, should be completely original.

Archaeology is about studying the past and connecting it to our present knowledge of human history and is a field that is exclusively about an in-depth investigation. The hypothesis needs to be phrased in the problem statement of the paper, which is presented in the introduction.

The hypothesis guides your research and requires evaluation, explanation, and testing. The Abstract Every paper should have an abstract of to words identifying the subject, topic, and hypothesis. Every day is different, but the common theme is that I run and write content for an archaeology website and blog.Svalbard Preliminary Fieldwork Report Introduction This document is a preliminary report of archaeological fieldwork conducted at and around the farm of Svalbard, Svalbardshreppur, in June Archaeologists use data compiled from archival research, field work and laboratory analysis to document an archaeological site.

The National Park Service published “The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Archaeology and Historical Preservation” (48 FR ). How to write an Archaeology Essay The complete guide to writing a standard university archaeology essay.

Like archaeology itself, the key to writing archaeology essays is to dig for clues and come up with new and innovative answers. I worked for a long time in the field on archaeological excavations and surveys, in the UK, the Isle of Man and in the Middle East, and now I’m lucky enough to be able to write about it all and get my research, stories and ideas online as an “open access” (free) resource.

An Introduction to Archaeological Report Writing Rachel Clarke Please refer to Institute of Field Archaeologist (IfA) guidance online.

Writing Guide in Archaeology

Desk-Based Assessment (DBA) It is unlikely that you will need to write this type of report – if you do then please refer to the IfA guidance. The purpose of desk. Fieldnotes: Short Articles and Field Reports Short articles on subjects of interest to AIA members, including reports on fieldwork or other research projects; short papers on current trends, methods, methodologies, and other issues in research and teaching in archaeology.

How to write a field report archaeology for kids
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