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How to cite this page Choose cite format: If different levels of government enforcement could join up and work together in states all along the border, the smuggling of drugs could be cut down immediately.

Dysfunctional families, or broken homes, are quite common in impoverished communities compared to middle- and upper-class communities.

The main goals of the group are to deter, disrupt and dismantle gangs from illegally immigrated people and drugs into the U. Communities fail to acknowledge Hybrid gang members of all ages and that they are used by the gang in the unlawful sale of narcotics and other illegal actions.

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Addictions attract young kids to this lifestyle to keep themselves supplied with drugs. In this original study, Voisin finds that "female adolescents were more likely to witness family violence, suggesting that for some of these girls, being raised in a dysfunctional family, coupled with community violence, may play some role in their gang involvement" p.

The biggest reason for a gang to start would be drugs. Gangs arise from Gangs essays ethnicity in America, and we should examine some studies and reliable statistics in order to get a clearer picture of the problem of gangs in America.

The main source of drugs is coming from Central America, where the most predominant number of gangs is located. That study gives the following definition for the concept of gang-involvement: Hybrid gangs are not a new threat, nevertheless the most recent state study displays the problem is getting worse especially in South Florida.

Inthere were gangs in the south Florida region, but by the number jumped to beyond 1, with…… [Read More] The community fails to acknowledge the fact that a hybrid gang is an organized group with a recognized leader whose activities are either criminal or, at the very least, threatening to the community in South Florida.

These kids act as though they have no fear so this leads to more crime, which further leads to jail time. There are other positive and negative correlations that create a clearer profile for those youth whom are likely to join gangs: By trying to prevent one problem, the laws would only cause another.

Gangs Essays

Dysfunctional families are also the largest source of runaway youth. This combination occurring much more frequently can be the resolution to the problem that has needed to be solved for so long.

Some kids are searching for attention and when a kid joins a gang they get plenty of attention. If more localized programs can be formed, then smuggling can be cut down from area to area and over time, will disappear.

Even though there was extensive research, only one program that was focusing on gang involvement in their area was found and it had been working efficiently so far IIMPACT. One main problem is that the American society hates the gangs but loves the drugs and will continue to buy drugs no matter where they are coming from.

After age 16, youth membership in gangs begins to decline. There are kids that one might consider a bad crowd, which are the wrong kids to become friends with. This is the question Seals examined, but he points out that there is not much data to research when trying to answer itp.[tags: Youth Gangs Essays] Term Papers words | ( pages) | Preview.

Theories on Gangs and Gang Violence - Theories on Gangs and Gang Violence The emergence of gangs in the United States was first fueled by immigration and poverty stricken families who settled in urban areas.

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With few having the money-making skills to accomplish the. % FREE Papers on Gangs essays. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Classhigh school & college. Gang Involvement Research Paper Starter. Homework Help. Gang Involvement (Research Starters) print Print; document PDF.

By gangs, we mean a group that hangs out together, wears gang colors or. Browse Essays. Sign in Home Page; Essay about Girls and Gangs; Essay about Girls and Gangs Essay about Girls and Gangs. Words Apr 9th, 7 Pages. Show More. Girls and Gangs For much of history, gang members who are female have generally been left out of the equation.

When both the layman and the researcher looked at gang life. Gangs off the Reservations they are working with other gang members in the community to commit the crime. From personal experience living on the reservation or close to on my reservation there is a gang that is called the ERS.

“The combination of different agencies has brought up results that show that gang violence and just gangs in general are able to be controlled if not reduced a significant amount” (“In The Spotlight”).

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