Evil twin attacks threat to wireless devices information technology essay

The cell phone virus. Users can not stop this from happening.

Wireless Threats

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As you add applications to your computing device, its memory requirements change. In fact, tools like the Karmetasploit have made this as easy as a piece of cake. If threats are discovered, AirDefense Personal notifies both the user and AirDefense Enterprise program running on the corporate server.

Just placing an Evil Twin near business users can be enough to trick their wireless devices into associating with a phony AP. In this process, the Evil Twin hacker can then see all the information that is being sent and received by the user.

Stopping these attacks Start by educating users about Evil Twin risks.

Defeating Evil Twin attacks

And that goes beyond the computer workstation. Social Engineer Works As is true in most cases of online fraud and identification theft scams, the computer users are often their own worst enemies. Why Evil Twin Works "What I love about the latest version of AirDefense is its ability to pinpoint if a rogue is on my network and the ability to do something about it immediately," he said.

Hackers rely on user response to make many of the intrusion scams successful. It also extends to servers and personal computing devices, such as Tablet PCs. Unfortunately, WPS security came with several loopholes that were easily exploited by the crooks in particular.

A cracker tool like Cain can extract passwords from common application protocols when victims check e-mail or download files. The tool is able to discover evil APs using one of the following characteristics: Please provide a Corporate E-mail Address.

Man-in-the-middle tools like Dsniff can even compromise SSL or SSH sessions by posing as the target server, then relaying client requests to the legitimate server. Setting up a rogue access point A rogue access point AP is a wireless AP that has been installed on a secured network without any authorization from the network administrator.

A list of wireless network attacks

AirDefense President and CEO Anil Khatod agreed that the issue of end-user protection at hotspots and other unsecured wireless networks is a growing concern for security and IT professionals.

Explain why they should never blindly accept SSH public keys or SSL server certificates, and the potential consequences of doing so. For example, Bluejacking allows unauthorized users to send a message to your phone. Turn off Bluetooth until you need it.

Not just relying on the name of a WiFi network before deciding whether it can be trusted as legitimate or not. Frequent freezes or system failures could also be harbingers of a coming memory crisis.

Mind you, there might be some sneaky ways of getting around that. Worse, many stations automatically reconnect to any SSID used in the past.Businesses can install a WIPS (Wireless intrusion prevention system) to monitor the radio spectrums of unauthorized APs, and take actions accordingly.


How to Detect and Attack Evil Twin WiFi Access Points

Evil twin access points. A rogue access point can easily advertise the same SSID (network name) as that of. How would you detect an Evil Twin attack, especially in a new environment?

Which one is the actual wireless network, and which one is the Evil Twin attack? How can you tell? What tools or techniques would you use to decide?

Traditionally there hasnt been an easy user-oriented method to detect evil twin attacks. For evil twin attacks to succeed, the user needs to make the connection manually every time or save the SSID as trusted and tell the wireless device to connect every time it sees that SSID.

In the case of connecting wireless devices to our home Wi-Fi, most users have them connect automatically. Ans. Wireless technology has many advantages allowing user to share information faster without the need of wired connection. Also there can be upgrades without the need of much installing or moving wires.

All computers and devices can connect wireless accessing real time information in any place in the building, improving competitiveness.

3. DETECTION AND PREVENTION AGAINST EVIL TWIN ATTACK IN WLAN Anil Kumar, Bibhav Raj, Partha Paul 2 [2] RELATED WORK Due to the security threats that a fake AP can pose for corporate Wi-Fi networks. Jan 20,  · An "evil twin" is a bogus base station that latches on to someone using new "Wi-Fi" wireless technology.

Victims think their laptops or mobile phones are connected to bona fide wireless internet.

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Evil twin attacks threat to wireless devices information technology essay
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