Documentation paper drawing tutorial

We will now add the arrow objects. Create a full-size metric A4 drawing sheet From the Home view, follow these steps to create a full-size scale 1: Rectangle [75, 75], [, ] ; path.

This will select Millimeters as your model unit. Locate the dimension line by entering a point approximately 5 mm below the bottom edge of the rectangle. All of the exercises in this section will use this view. Tell the paper object to setup a Project and a View for our canvas.

Instead, we need to call the add function: In addition to the code from the previous example, we need to: Notice that a rubber band arrow follows the cursor.

Tap the Type button in the bottom app bar or Documentation paper drawing tutorial the "Type" button in the Tool panel. Tap the Alignment button in the bottom app bar or tap the "Alignment" button in the Tool panel. This will be the anchor point for the dimension.

To create a new drawing, go to the Home view. Type 10 R in the edit text and hit the Enter key two times.

Setting Up a Scope When working with JavaScript directly, in most cases one scope will be all that is required. Register a handler for when the DOM is ready, since we cannot work with the canvas before that.

We will now add incremental dimensions to the bottom side of the rectangle.

Using JavaScript Directly

Set the direction vector to vertical by locating a point at the upper left corner of the rectangle In the code above we use window.

An Object snap point will appear at the vertex. All of the dimension and arrow objects created in these tutorials have been drawn on "Layer " using the "Small" text style and the "Small filled" arrow style. To explain the relation between scopes, projects, views and tools: We will now add baseline dimensions to the top and left sides of the rectangle.

If you work with JavaScript directly, you need to keep these differences in mind. Move the cursor near the right-most part of the circle and locate a point at the opposite quadrant marker Tap the Start drawing button.

Locate an additional dimension node at the lower right corner of the rectangle Verify that the "Light" theme is selected in the Theme control.

Verify that the Dimension tool is still active, "Layer " is still selected, Text Style is still set to "Small" and the Arrow Style is still set to "Small filled".

Changing these values will affect all objects in your drawing. In this tutorial we will dimension each edge of a triangle.Technical writing tutorial Purpose: To learn how to communicate technical information in writing.

the extra step of reading the paper once or twice to insert and correct references. Non-text components: Example Chart/Drawing. Title: Microsoft Word - Learn how to develop and web applications. Get documentation, example code, tutorials, and more.

Getting Started with Web API 2. This tutorial will teach you the basics of building a web API using Web API 2 and Visual Studio.

Getting Started with SignalR 2. This tutorial shows how to use SignalR to create a. AutoSketch 10 Getting Started Create and Office Layout Drawing (online tutorial) Chapter 2 Make the Transition from Paper to CAD Draw to Scale Drawing scale is something you consider when laying out your drawing.

You establish scale differently in CAD than you do with manual drafting. The documentation on this page applies to Version 3 of Back to the Drawing Board. The tutorials in this section not part of your model, but rather provide information about your model. Annotation objects are created in "Paper space" as opposed to "Model space." Open the finished tutorial drawing The steps in this tutorial assume that.

Drawing. Additions and deletions may be required if package unit equipment is incorporated in the design of facilities. A. Electrical Primary Secondary. ELECTRICAL DESIGN AND DOCUMENTATION () DESIGN CRITERIA/FACILITY STANDARDS MANUAL Loads: Lighting Devices Mechanical Total Peak Demand Total Connected Load.

ASP.NET Documentation

The documentation on this page applies to Version 3 of Back to the Drawing Board. The tutorial will show you how to create a new drawing in Back to the Drawing Board.

Along the way, we'll cover drawing sizes, drawing units, creating layers and drawing templates.

Documentation paper drawing tutorial
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