Current psychological findings

Link to Abstract Neonatal outcomes after fetal exposure to methadone and buprenorphine: Link to Abstract The genetic and environmental architecture of substance use development from early adolescence into young adulthood: Our study suggests that while living alone contributed to poorer psychological well-being, it was mostly attributed to loneliness.

Link to Abstract Extended-release naltrexone for methamphetamine dependence among men who have sex with men: Recognition memory is the type of memory that allows us to realize that what we are currently experiencing has already been experienced before, such as when we recognize a friend on the street or hear a familiar song on the radio.

The current report will supplement and elaborate upon those preliminary findings. Discussion In agreement with previous studies, we found that loneliness was by far a stronger contributor to mental health and functioning.

Cross-race effect

It is thus interesting to note that, given the traditional preference for Chinese elderly people to live with their adult children especially sons, living alone did not appear to have a profound effect on mental health and functioning as expected.

Link to Abstract Factors associated with Current psychological findings efficacy of smoking cessation treatments and predictors of smoking abstinence in EAGLES A range of smoker characteristics psychiatric history, cigarette dependence prior use of NRT are associated with lower cessation rates but do not substantially influence efficacy of varenicline, bupropion or NRT.

Link to Abstract Current psychological findings paying service providers by results improve recovery outcomes for drug misusers in treatment in England? September — Current Issue Alcohol industry involvement in policy making: Psychological well-being is therefore valuable not only because it assesses well-being more directly but it has beneficial consequences.

This is also recognized as the psychodynamic approach. During a word recognition test, some of the words on the test resembled the earlier words, although only in sound e.

Link to Abstract The relationship between gambling expenditure, socio-demographics, health-related correlates and gambling behaviour--a cross-sectional population-based survey in Finland In Finland, men spend more than women on gambling relative to net income.

Moving alcohol prevention research forward--Part II: Participants watched a video of a property crime being committed, then in the next 24 hours came to pick the suspect out of a photo line-up. Most of the participants in the study either misidentified the suspect or stated the suspect was not in the line-up at all.

Cleary repeated the experiment substituting famous places such as Stonehenge and the Taj Majal for celebrities and got similar results. If the integration of this information is consistent with the history and the mental status exam, it is included in a paragraph dealing with depression.

Cross-race identification bias is also known as the misinformation effect since people are considered to be misinformed about other races and have difficulty identifying them. McHugharguably the most important American psychiatrist of the last half-century — in the hope of improving public understanding of these questions.

Link to Abstract Effects of high alcohol intake, alcohol-related symptoms and smoking on mortality The number of symptoms related to high alcohol intake and smoking appears to account for the positive association between alcohol consumption and early death. You are concerned about the expectations and evaluations of others; rely on judgments of others to make important decisions; and conform to social pressures to think and act in certain ways.

However, those elderly who felt that their children had failed to provide the desired and expected level of support, albeit living with them under the same roof, may be more likely to report poorer mental health and psychological well-being.To receive news and publication updates for Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Research, enter your email address in the box below.

findings and recommendations Inquest into the disappearance and suspected death of Christine Young. Decision of Deputy State Coroner O'Sullivan on 7 September The cross-race effect (sometimes called cross-race bias, other-race bias or own-race bias) is the tendency to more easily recognize faces of the race that one is most familiar with (which is most often one's own race).

A study was made which examined real court cases. In photographic line-ups, witnesses participated in cross-race versus same-race identification. Suggested format for psychological reports. Some Thoughts on the Format for a Psychological Report The following format is one that evolved over several years.

The Psychology of Déjà vu

The Acceleration Institute is dedicated to the study of curricular acceleration for academically talented students. Academic acceleration is one of the most effective educational interventions for gifted students. Offender profiling, also known as criminal profiling, is an investigative tool used by law enforcement agencies to identify likely suspects and has been used by investigators to link cases that may have been committed by the same perpetrator.

Multiple crimes may be linked to a specific offender and the profile may be used to predict the identified offender's future actions.

Current psychological findings
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