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We would say blunt. For example a coppers nark is someone who is a police informant - which you might call a stoolie or stool-pigeon. It is in words like colour, favour, labour etc.

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Hump - If you have got the hump it means you are in a mood. On the job - If you are on the job, it could mean that you are hard at work, or having sex.

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TTFN - Short for "ta ta for now". Cheesed off - This is a polite way of saying you are pissed off with something. Duff - Anything that is duff is useless, junk, trash. However, in the past decade a new item has been added to this very short list-TED Talks.

In other words you have had rather too much to drink down your local. Most people would consider you a snob or an upper class git if you used this word. Unlike ordering water in Texas with an English accent, which is definitely not a doddle!

Then, very, very, very slowly and gently, lower them back down until their arms are flat on the floor again. Jammy - If you are really lucky or flukey, you are also very jammy.

This is one of the biggest differences between the nations. In America it has other meanings which take us Brits a while to figure out. Never me, of course! Do - If you go into a shop and say "do you do batteries? If we said that we would be sent to the back of the class for our grammar - or lack of it!

A thief would steal something during a burglary.

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Clearly when applied to stripping it means not stopping at your underwear!The Kurken is a level 12 - 21 NPC. This NPC can be found in Azuremyst Isle. In the Core Hound NPCs category.

Added in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Roasting Jokes. We also have Roasting Jokes quotes and sayings related to Roasting Jokes. Julia Roberts - I love her laugh and her smile.

A woman who is unafraid of laugh lines is a beautiful, real woman. Find this Pin and more on Cool Ppl by A. Julia Roberts in any movie Roberts, which is always permissible.

Comment by Raidei This is one of the new mounts added in It is obtainable only by fishing in Northrend Pools and according to GM comments it has a very, very low drop rate. for the ppl who cant read what sarabeara wrote, IT IS A JOKE!

we r not trying 2 be racist or make ppl who r called courtney feel uncomfortable. IT IS A FUCKING JOKE FUCKWITS! (the wink is 2 sarabeara and any1 else WHO CAN ACTUALLY READ!).

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I think it's gonna get viral pretty soon, get it now so you can brag later that you was using "ppl" before it was cool when it gets famous! Truly awesome! 5/5 Mar 15, AppRankings Truly one of the coolest apps I've seen.

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Ppl is easy to use and aesthetic at the same time, which is rare. Their crossed paths feature is great for when Price: 0.

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