Chasing my dreams

Where do I start? Stay silent for an entire week and not shut myself at home while doing it! Get a Life Drawing done To help others succeed through the power of communication. Abseiling — myself not being carried down The numbers add up and my eyes were seriously opened after I saw a financial planner for the first time last Wednesday.

I’m still chasing my dreams – Bottas

Quadbiking — Done Solo train journey changing my train fear — Done Get a tattoo I have established Double Scoop Consulting where I will be offering my services in corporate writing, tender preparation, project planning and general consultancy. I will be running my own business, of course!

Plant a tree local conservation project — ongoing DJR Team Mates night Go on a cable car Go on a cruise Break a World Record individual Overnight, things that were so important the day before are suddenly and definitively meaningless.

Your values are challenged. Break a World Record as part of the crowd Get back on a horse, and get over my fear from being bucked off twice! Create my dream bedroom — Done Here it is…My List…. Interacting with a dolphin DONE! Go to the ScienCentre in Brisbane Mascot for a Day Swim in an ocean pool sea water pool right beside the ocean Wave the chequered flag at the finish of a motor race I already have an ABN, a business name, a domain name and website not available for public consumption yet.

To inspire others through the blog.

Chasing My Dream

I now know that I cannot continue in my current role. Go Whale Watching Hop on a plane, fly somewhere.Jul 08,  · after I got out of the V8 Supercar (my #1 Life Dream) I now knew that I could do absolutely ANYTHING I wanted to in life so my List grew from just the first three above to now, an evergrowing list of awesome Dreams I KNOW I will be able to achieve in my life!

I Must Confess chasing my dreams via My Home Truths [ ] Special needs parents: we all need support (even you) - My Home Truths - [ ] few months later, I accepted a redundancy from my workplace and started actively trying to look after [ ].

I’m chasing my dream - go on and chase yours too If there’s a deep wide river I’ve got to cross I’ll keep swim, swim, swimming I’ll go so far I’ll keep swim, swim, swim ming chasing my dream. I have a dream I want to see come true I won’t give up, no matter what I do.

With only three years under their belts, this road-tested Kentucky bluegrass band may be chasing dreams, but they clearly have the talent to go far. Their second album release is a profound treatise of bluegrass comprehension with many standard themes - outlaws, cheating, a Civil War story, mining, a road song, the homeplace, and leaving blues/5(3).

Chasing my dreams
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