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July 8-July 29, Session: Semester- and year-long exchanges contain coursework in Accounting, Finances, International Business and Marketing. All students build a strong foundation in business management by taking required courses in economics, accounting, statistics, communication, leadership, marketing, and operations research and supply chain management.

Summer Session

University grants and scholarships are credited to your CWRU tuition account at the beginning of our regular semesters: The course is interdisciplinary in approach and provides students with the tools they need to analyze and understand the complexities of modern Cuba.

Student employment is not available for study abroad. Studying and immersing yourself in a foreign culture puts you on an early path toward global competence. As a business management major, you will build upon this foundation by selecting an area of concentration.

International Business

By pursing an International Business concentration, you will select courses that will strengthen your global competence and your understanding of foreign culture and business.

The flexibility of this major allows students to pursue a second concentration or add additional courses to support their career interests. Beyond its positive career implications, participating in international study is an opportunity to experience foreign culture and gain a greater appreciation of our global society.

Student loan proceeds are generally disbursed at the same time, provided that the promissory note s have been signed and returned. Tongji University China Due to its growth from a small market town in imperial China to a 21st-century megalopolis, Shanghai is an ideal city in which to Case western reserve university study abroad business.

Students will have formal classes taught by their professor and talks and meetings with specialists on Cuban literature, art, architecture, history and other aspects of culture and society.

Students complete three hours of classroom instruction and an hour and a half of publishing workshop four days per week. Participating in a long-term program ensures that you will have an enriching academic and personal experience abroad.

Here are several schools Weatherhead students may wish to consider. Note that a full-year program and a summer program are both available, but LSE does not allow single-semester study. To be eligible, students must be CWRU undergraduates who have completed the initial study abroad application and submitted their deposit to the Office of Education Abroad.

In addition, they participate in organized visits to historic sites and museums connected to the culture curriculum. A Study Abroad Cost Sheet must be accompanied by some official documentation of the charges listed. Any excess funds are mailed to the student at his or her permanent home address or directly deposited.

Download the cost sheet from the forms library. Only students enrolled in the language version of the course where the study abroad program is cross-listed are scholarship eligible. After successful completion of the study-abroad program, students receive 3 upper-level credits in Spanish.

Because many courses are taught in English, previous knowledge of Spanish is not required, though it is encouraged. In addition, they will attend lectures, participate in discussions, and take field trips that will expose them to many aspects of Cuban culture, such as art, architecture, music, dance, film, literature, artisan work, folklore, history and urban growth.

The course combines the unique advantages of a total immersion environment in Spanish with a classroom curriculum that includes conversation practice and study of relevant cultural, literary and historical issues. Co-op Study Abroad Students who are recipients of need-based or merit-based aid and who plan to use this assistance for study abroad should provide official cost information for the chosen program of study to the Office of University Financial Aid.

Students who are applying for need-based funds must submit the regular applications for financial aid along with the cost information. Students at Case Western Reserve University can participate in international study, both through our academic programs and our study abroad opportunities.

The University of Sydney Business School is a world-class business school at the forefront of global business and management education.

Case Western Reserve University

You must notify the Office of University Financial Aid if this schedule will not meet the requirements of your program. The London School of Economics and Political Science both full-year and summer programs The London School of Economics was founded in and has grown to become one of the foremost social science universities in the world, ranked alongside Harvard, UC Berkeley and Stanford.

After applying and being accepted in the program, students meet for personal advising with the program director and attend four different one hour orientation-information meetings in the spring semester. The Office of Education Abroad can help.

World-Class Faculty Susan Casewhose research focuses on the field of gender and diversity in organizations, including how multi-culturalism affects communication in decision-making and differences in diversity among racial and ethnic groups David Clingingsmithwhose research is centered on the economics of developing countries Business Management Major with International Business Concentration The Weatherhead undergraduate business management major grounds students in the functional areas of business for career preparation across a broad spectrum of industries.Study abroad participants find that the semester abroad experience provides several advantages in their careers, including foreign language proficiency, an extensive network of contacts around the world and increased confidence and problem-solving ability.

Welcome to the CWRU study abroad application system. Please follow the instructions below in order to login. CWRU Students: If you have already logged into the application system, you can simply click on the login button in the right hand corner of the page, enter your CWRU credentials, and go directly to your existing applications.

Ă—Use the form below to search for programs based on one or more criteria. The list boxes allow you to select multiple values within them by holding the Ctrl/Cmd key while clicking.

A three-week summer study abroad course spent at a university in an Italian city well-known for its cultural and linguistic heritage and at other important sites during travel.

Focus: Language immersion and processing of cultural experience. The program connects majors and faculty with international interests through our newsletter of events and opportunities, our lists of courses with international content, our study abroad map, and our directory of CWRU faculty teaching and conducting research on international topics.

Students at Case Western Reserve University can participate in international study, both through our academic programs and our study abroad opportunities. Studying and immersing yourself in a foreign culture puts you on an early path toward global competence.

Case western reserve university study abroad
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