Blue shield case study

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

Updating Ergonomic Orientation Presentation - realized that orientation materials need continual updating. Indirect Costs are estimated at two to four times direct costs and include lost productivity, wages for temporary workers, time to train temps, overtime, stress, etc.

Developing Ergonomic Intranet Site - planned the development of an ergonomic website in which all employees could access ergonomic information. Researching Ergonomic Products - Wrist Oasis wrist rests were purchased as a result of this continuing effort to select the best ergonomic products.

It was anticipated that at least two members of the Ergonomic Committee would be certified in A survey was planned for to determine if this could be a viable solution to reduce MSDs for the future.

Partners in the ergonomics initiative included: Exhibit 2 - MSD related case trends These tables are best viewed on tablets, notebooks, or desktop computer screens.

Analyzing Trends - further analyzing trends within departments to see where additional emphasis could be placed to identify possible high risk areas. Exhibit 2 shows the number of evaluations and the impacts for Conducting Management Ergonomic Awareness Session - planned to present ergonomic awareness sessions to management with Beacon Mutual as the principal presenter.

Conducting Headset Study - preliminary discussions were held with Joy Boese of Consulting Corporation in November to conduct an ergonomic study on headsets. Developing Ergonomic Training Brochure - planned the development of a brochure that could be distributed to all employees which would include correct keyboard and chair adjustments.

Furniture Vendors - reviewed type of furniture installed and what types of ergonomic equipment may be on the market Beacon Mutual workers compensation carrier - discussed special cases that may require a certified ergonomist to assist On-going and future initiatives being considered by the safety committee included: Researching Voice Recognition - a test was done of Dragon Systems voice recognition product in June Facilities - discussed moves, type of furniture to be installed, make arrangements with outside vendor to discuss ergonomic features of furniture Occupational Health Nurse - interacted with Optimal Returns Case Manager and Ergonomic Team Office Services - delivered ergonomic supplies if evaluation not necessary Optimal Returns Case Manager - reviewed return-to-work cases and ergonomic impact Voice Communications - moved telephones if necessaryinstalled of headsets External: Revising Evaluation Tracking System - planned to create a Microsoft Access database to simplify input of ergonomic data and create specialty reports Training Telecommuters on Ergonomic Issues - planned to address needs in the future.Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska.

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Case Study: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Unlock all Resources. SIngle Person Membership. The case name is: The Shane Group, Inc. v. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Case. No. cvD, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan.

Case Study

Case Documents Preliminary Approval Order - June 26, Case study: Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of Louisiana and The Baton Rouge Clinic A successful relationship between a health plan and healthcare provider system leads to improved outcomes. LIFERAY + XTIVIA CASE STUDY ORGANIZATION SinceBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama has been providing quality, afordable. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) is a leading health services company that delivers quality products, information and services to help its customers improve their health and well-being.

Learn how Blue Shield of California worked with Collaborative Solutions to deploy Workday, unifying seven disparate systems to increase efficiency.

Blue shield case study
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