Biol 1090 writing assignment

Briefly identify as many fallacies lack of reasoning or validity on the Yes side as you can: If so, why do they have these biases?: There should be more education made available about how beneficial this vaccine could be for both males and females as the sexually transmitted infections are on the rise.

With the rise of more teenage girls engaging in more sexual relations, it possibly could quickly become an epidemic.

Summarize the major thesis. Briefly state in your own words three facts presented by the authors about mandatory vaccination programs. Briefly state in your own words two opinions presented by each side. I do not believe that this non-mandatory shot will be a basis for an epidemic, however, more of a safeguard for those people because of the high rates of death from the flu and passing it on to someone publicly who are within these guidelines set forth above.

Apply your reasoning based on your reading on this issue to the potential of a mandatory, annual influenza flu shot for all healthy individuals between the ages of 6 months to 65 years. Briefly identify as many fallacies on the No side as you can: By giving the choice of using the opt-out option by parents, it could significantly reduce the urgency of using the vaccines made available to the public whether it is for children or adults.

There has not been enough time to show the effectiveness of the vaccine even though the ideas of the vaccine are beneficial.

Biology 1090 Taking Sides Assignment “Positions on HPV”

He is obviously stating with that title that he is questionable about the idea of HPV being mandatory.

Taking Sides Reading Issue number: I support the option of making it mandatory as well for the trending demographic areas that are on the rise for HPV What about the HPV vaccine being mandatory for teenage boys? There should be mandated vaccinations for developing countries in the higher risk areas along with education.

The yes side believes that Universal access is fair and withholding the vaccine because of factors like age, different values about sexual relationships between youths, and potential sexual actions is unfair to do so. Which side Yes or No do you personally feel is most correct now that you have reviewed the materials in these articles?

Are there any reasons to believe the writers are biased? Author and major thesis of the Yes side: Sexual relationships are going to happen regardless of moral standards.

It could possibly mean they are resistant to finding the benefits and waiting on the affects to happen in the future in terms of efficacy and benefits. These same friends still had sexual relationships regardless of the teachings. Which author YES or NO impressed you as being the most evidence-based in presenting his or their thesis?

Apply what you have learned from the reading in your argument here. Even though there was a growing epidemic with measles and Polio to support a mandated vaccine that the studies do not support he reasonings behind the funding and there is no support for long term benefits of the vaccine unless there is long term efficacy reports to support it.

They see the methods and tests for detecting cervical cancer early is more effective, that there needs much more needed studies in regards to the efficacy of the vaccine and long term effects of the vaccine. It seems as if unless the cost comes down and try out the more education for teenage girls, or ultimately it becomes an epidemic that the only way to keep the cervical cancer rates of detection high is to rely on the results of a pelvic cancer screening.

Since there is compromise in the immune system for adults and children with chronic diseases and persons that are age 65 and over, that it should be mandatory. It should still be left to the decision of the healthy adults to receive a shot and be able to make that decision for their healthy children.

Joseph Balog works for the Moral Justification for a Compulsory Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Program, which obviously means he justifies why it should morally be used and that is what he talks about in his fight for the yes side. Other diseases spread with close contact with one another and that is why it becomes more serious to protect yourself with a vaccine against one of those diseases.

Briefly state in your own words two facts presented by each side. Yes they are saying no to the use of the vaccine. Are there any reasons to believe the writers are biased?Human Biology was both a very interesting and very challenging class!


I decided to take this class because when it comes to certain things and concepts, it is much easier for me to understand if I am able to apply them to something personal; in Human Biology, I was/am able to apply the concepts I. Writing Assignment Submission Deadline: Tuesday, March 11th at pm in SCIE (12% of final grade) Objective of assignment: is to improve your ability to clearly communicate an aspect of biological science in a short writing assignment.

Your target audience is first year biology students.

Biology 1090-Taking Sides assignment

Scientific Writing in BIOL In this workshop, we will discuss the whole process of preparing a scientific paper, using the BIOL Writing Assignment for context. Topics will include choosing an appropriately focused topic, outlining, structuring a paper, using an appropriate scientific writing style, improving grammar, referencing, and proofreading.

Mar 24,  · Course: Biology Book: Taking Sides Reading Issue number: 11 Title of issue: Should Vaccination for HPV be Mandated for Teenage Girls? 1. Author and major thesis of the Yes side: Joseph E. Balog is the Author of the no side.

Scientific Writing in BIOL 1090

Allergic response in humans occurs when the immune system is triggered into action by a foreign substance that is not recognized. Symptoms can vary depending on the substance; environmental allergens such as ragweed often trigger nasal congestion and sneezing, whereas allergens that irritate the gastrointestinal tract trigger responses such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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Biol 1090 writing assignment
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