Bernie ebbers and scott sullivan

Bernie Ebbers is right where he belongs! Last week, Betty Vinson, a former WorldCom accounting official who said she pulled some numbers "out of the air" when she helped fudge company books, was sentenced to five months in prison.

Philip Bianca December 12, I hope that Scott has trouble sleeping at night knowing that he handed an innocent man a life sentence for his own criminal actions.

Sullivan was the architect of the fraud at WorldCom," said Manhattan federal judge Barbara Jones, who ordered him to report to prison Nov. WorldCom collapsed in when the fraud came to light. I agree he should never have bought MCI since there were no synergies but your company would have died on the vine with that kind of debt.

Louise Hate to tell u May 12, Reuters and the Associated Press contributed to this report. I pray that Bernie does get out because he does not deserve to stay in prison for the rest of his life especially if he did not commit this act. He took my money too, but I just think he got a disproportionate sentence.

All the way to the end Bernie believed in the company. And so you lost your Jobs. I lost a good deal of money invested in the company, but I harbor no ill will to Bernie. Shame on all of us. Sullivan was just as bad, if not worse. When will we Americans stop believing every thing we see on t.

Grothe served as KLLM president until it neared bankruptcy under his leadership. Savings and everything are gone.

Bernard Ebbers

I ask for leniency so I can get back to my family as soon as possible. A guy killed a lady here the other day. He simply cut a deal to save himself.

Expecially if you only had it in one compay even if that company is GE. When he sends me certified funds for my World Com K that I lost, then I will have a different viewpoint.

Too bad, I think he should do the whole On a bright note, now that Bernie and Scott are no longer bleeding us dry, we now have a coffee budget again.

As the stock price declined he received a number of margin calls to provide additional collateral for these loans. Following his actions, Ebbers was threatened with contempt of Congress charges.

Harry Kahmar December 16, Sold stake in September Other activities[ edit ] Bernard Ebbers served as chairman of the board of directors of the Competitive Telecommunications Association from through Mississippi-based WorldCom filed for bankruptcy — also the largest in U. Perhaps once you give me a k cashiers check sorry, no personal checks accepted to make up for your arrogance and stupidity, I might start the process of forgiveness.

I had a great history and career as Senior Director of Information Technology. Sullivan told the court he was "ashamed and embarrassed. I would compair it to a story in my local town.Michael Dobe Jr. Bernie Ebbers(left) –Ethics CEO Timothy McCoy 4/6/ Scott Sullivan(right) CFO&CPA 1. Two General Accounting employees-Dan Renfroe and Angela Walter-made journal entries in the amount of $ million and $ million, respectively, without detailed support.

Mar 02,  · "Scott Sullivan faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison," U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft John Ashcroft said at a press conference announcing the Ebbers indictment.

Ex-WorldCom CFO Scott Sullivan Gets 5 Years

"Scott Sullivan has. Feb 17,  · Scott Sullivan Scott Sullivan, WorldCom 's former chief financial officer and the key prosecution witness, has testified that he took Bernard Ebbers Bernard Ebbers ' insistence that the company. Mar 02,  · The indictment charges Ebbers and ex-WorldCom CFO Scott Sullivan with "knowingly and consistently" manipulating financial results at WorldCom to present the company in a better light to Wall.

What power bases did Bernie Ebbers and Scott Sullivan rely on to get away with accounting fraud? The power bases are legitimate power, reward power, coercive power, expert power, referent power.

Ebbers sentenced to 25 years in prison

Bernard Ebbers was born August 27, in Edmonton, Canada. Following a basketball scholarship at Mississippi College, Ebbers ran a chain of hotels around the state.

Bernie ebbers and scott sullivan
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