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The travel agent also arranged all my drivers, so that was primarily how I got around in Cairo. And of course, the famous treasure of Pharaoh Tutankhamen.

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Tissues are sort of a weird currency there; you see people everywhere selling them A trip to egypt essay the street.

It is also a safe and fun place for the kids. They will also give you a real hard sale, but, they are open to haggling. Nubia Museum Many tours will also offer short boat rides to a Nubian village, which are known for their unhurried way of life.

I was able to use it all over Egypt, except at Luxor inside the Valley of the Kings where — surprise — I had no service. Let me say that I am so so so thankful I made it home before all this shit happened with the immigration ban.

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It was absolutely mind-boggling. This was my journey through the Egyptian religious and historical lightness I recalled as the wind gently touched my skin in this peaceful afternoon… With love, Janet. The geography of the area is fucking amazing and mind-blowing, and the inside of the tombs actually made me tear up.

When the time finally came, we, surprisingly got to our destination without many problems. We leave these museums with a different and more experienced knowledge of what it truly is Islamic art.

Seeing the great pyramids has been a dream of mine from a very young age. Similar interior seating areas let you imagine what it was like for the women to secretly watch male-only dinner parties. It is a place in which to wander and be impressed. We skipped it in favor of the tomb of Ramses IV whose sunk-reliefs are still vividly colored.

Depending on where you go, you may be able to pay with USD, but I paid for everything in LE except for places that did take A trip to egypt essay, and then, I used my Visa. It is not advisable to rent a car and drive yourself around Cairo. To the south is the place where they built the ancient city of Memphis.

I also woke up feeling sick. I highly recommend you take your time to wander about this delightful temple complex. When I emailed them, I just said I wanted to fly in mid-January, spend 10 days in Egypt, and also take one of the Nile cruises.

Really puts things in perspective, huh? Also, you pretty much tip everybody here. I had been warned over and over and over again by people almost entirely people who had never actually been to Egypt. The kids were similarly enchanted, and their minute camel ride around the pyramids was a thrill.

I had seen the King Tutankhamen exhibit as a kid and never lost my fascination for pharaonic artifacts. Like I said, I booked her through the travel agency but she is also available for private bookings if you are visiting Cairo and just need a day guide.

Here are some other tour agencies to consider: Et voilat, I discovered the true and ancient Egypt. The entire back half of the plane was nearly empty, too! My tour guide, Mrs. It is even more gorgeous in real life. Bring those tourist dollars cos this country absolutely, desperately needs them right now.

See Egypt and the World is an Egyptian American travel agency that not only organizes well-designed package tours but will also custom design trips. The majority of Egypt is pretty cash-heavy — some shops will take cards, but most people prefer cash.

I also went to the Papyrus Museumat the suggestion of my driver while en route to the Egyptian Museum. Despite all the political unrest that is currently happening in the country, this might actually be the safest time to visit Egypt I felt this way, and every person I spoke with about it in Egypt — whether they were Egyptian or American — said the same thing.

Our kids, who were seven and nine years old and already enamored with mummies and pharaohs, had recently seen the animated Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra. The stillness of the white stone against the azure sky was breathtaking.

We wanted to see many of the Pharaonic sights along the Nile but also to take in some of Cairo to get a feel for modern Egypt. No one drinks in the water in Egypt, so be prepared to go through a lot of bottles of water I carried a reusable water bottle that clipped to my purse, so I could have it with me — especially nice while in the desert!A Trip To Egypt My name is Morgause, but you can call me Morgan.

My family and I come from Egypt. An ancient land filled with mysteries and great ancient history of faros, tombs and buried treasure. I love Egypt, and mostly I miss it a lot.

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My trip to Egypt

. A Trip To Egypt Essay - A Trip To Egypt My name is Morgause, but you can call me Morgan.

A Trip To Egypt

My family and I come from Egypt. An ancient land filled with mysteries and great ancient history of faros, tombs and buried treasure. I love Egypt, and mostly I miss it a lot.

Now I live in Germany. Despite Egypt's ancient allure, today the country probably attracts more beach vacationers than any other type of tourists.

This is because, for many Europeans, the warm Egyptian beaches are both inexpensive and well appointed. There are a few cruiseliners that will run the 15 day, 14 night trip sailing the Nile River from Aswan to Cairo. Christmas vacation started when I went to Egypt.

We then flew to Cairo where we met rest of the tour group. Imagine Kenyans and Indians in Cairo, the largest city in Africa with a population of about 16 million.

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